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  2. cameron4103

    Get things going

    So guys since i don't see much activity on here i thought id give this a go Could you give how your experience with SnowRSPS has been since you have joined, how you got started etc... thanks i hope people will stay active and keep the forums full :p
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  4. Danne

    [2019-02-13] updates

    Brand new updates! - $1 scrolls give now 10 million tickets. - pengs now drop 1-1k, easyboss 1-10k, medboss 1-50k, hardboss 1-100k. -$5 scroll added to ticketboss8 - Store has been updated -$10 mboxes edited - can win up to 100M. -Tons of small stuff edited!
  5. puppyeyed

    Beginner guide

    great beginners guide why
  6. You need to use this applications format, or you will be denied directly SNOWHD Snow317.online SnowHD Staff Application Form In-game name: Age: 1. Personal details Last name: First name: E-mail address: A little bit about yourself: Time-zone: Play-time: 2. Available time to be active: 3. Previous experience: (don’t mention other server names) IMPORTANT REQUIREMTS: minimum of 24 hours playtime and atleast 2hours online time on forums!
  7. why

    Beginner guide

    Welcome to The Big Family of SnowHD 😄 Our Server have been around since 2012, and are always growing and going through valuable updates!! Teleports that are Needed: ::Pengs (1k HP) , ::easyboss (10k HP) , ::medboss (100k HP) ::hardboss (1000kHP) , ::boxboss (2m HP) , ::opboss (4m HP) also ::commands is a Useful Command to see all the teleports and to see the HP to all bosses. Custom Store Sells all the weapons in the game, He can be located at ::home/::pengs Beginner Armoury Sells all the beginner armour/Veteran armour in the game. He can be located at ::home/::pengs all armour/weapon shops are in order from worst to best. Remember To Answer all Trivia Questions by ::answer (ANSWER), you will obtain a Hard casket (which can give between 1-1m tickets inside) , $10 box (which can give awesome loots) if u answer trivia second, $9 Box for third so on and so forth. NOTE: If you die , you will lose all ur tickets permenantly. Starting at ::Pengs Level up your combat levels (Attack, strength & defence) to Level 99 Train Prayer to at least Lvl 43 (Protect Melee)/ Lvl 70 (Piety)/ Lvl 92 (SS) Collect Ckeys and Max Cash Ticket(1-10 Tickets) and easy caskets (got 1-100 tickets inside) shards (you can sell shards @home for tickets) ::pengs Get a Forgotten Longsword(+189Str) (Cost 1 Ticket) If you have enough tickets (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Aim to buy a MaxCashTicket sword(+425 Str) (Cost 11 Ticket) Aim to get a Ring of wealth (Boost 2% DR) you can get it from the ckeybox by ::pengs ::Pengs also drops $1 Mystery Box, 1-1k Tickets, Forgotten Longsword , easy caskets (got 1-100 tickets inside) Once you get decent armour (from trivia or armour store)(800 Strength+), Proceed to ::Easyboss ::Easyboss Drops includes: Sky torva equips , Sky brutal whip, rainbow scarf, Purple Glass Wings and 1-10k Tickets Aims and objective: With a Max cash ticket sword, Easyboss is decently fast to kill for tickets They are the first boss that gives Boss points ( Boss point shop are @ ::Home) they give 2 boss points every kill Buy overloads at home Junk store(20M spirit shards) shards are drops everywhere Also recommended to buy bonecrusher to auto bury bones @ Junkstore (60M spirit shards) Aim to get sky torva and other armour you can sell in armory shop to get some tickets You can also buy big bones from junk store (9544 shards) to train your prayer (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Buy a Grain from SEER Located @ ::home (1420 STR) (600 max cash tickets) also buy a shadow brutal whip (500 strength) (800 max cash tickets) Once you have full pink pernix grain and shadow brutal 2926+ STR , proceed to ::medboss or ::hardboss ::MEDBOSS ( 100k HP) (2 Boss Points) with full pernix , shadow brutal , grain ::medboss is decently fast to kil ::medboss drops fun customs you can sell them to players in-game they also drop caskets with 1-100 Max Cash tickets inside ::medboss also drops 1-50k max tickets Kill them using soul split andTurmoil also use overloads. (DMG BUFF) ::HARDBOSS (1000k HP) (3 Boss Points) Drops includes: colorful torva + pieces , casket easy 1-100k tickets , medium 1-10k tickets and casket hard 1-1m tickets and more Kill them using soul split andTurmoil also use overloads. (DMG BUFF) Level up your prayer to level 99 with the frost dragon bones they drop either by using altar/ bone crusher or burying them. Grind and Grind and don’t forget trivia , until you have 1500 Max Cash Tickets to buy a juggernaut ring (2k Strength + Increased accuracy/Lesser On hit 0’s) from beginner armoury. Aim to collect as much tickets as possible and make your way to the optimised gear for ::opboss Gear: purple Torva Helm (2620 Tickets), purple Torva Body (2700 Tickets), purple Torva Legs (2600 Tickets), Christmas Boxing glove (4k Tickets),Light-Winged Boots (4200 Tickets) Grain (600 Tickets), white brutal whip (15k Tickets), Jugg Ring (1500 Tickets) and , icy katana offhand (100 Tickets) With 8,2k strength And above Strength , you are now ready to go ::opboss to grind for that FREE DONOR ::OPBOSS ( 170K HP) (2 BOSSPOINTS) – GRIND FOR FREE DONOR HERE NOTE: OPBOSS IS FOR YOU TO GRIND FREE DONOR, ITS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE EASY WITH A CHANCE OF 1% TO GET A 1$ SCROLL.This is what a 1$ scroll looks like NOTABLE DROPS ARE: REWARD TOKEN ($1 DONOR SCROLLS), $2 presents, Tickets and Bulk of Spirit shards and caskets medium (1-10k tickets) Grind for Reward Tokens here with the suitable gears (Overload , Turmoil and soul split) 20 CLAIMED Reward Tokens = Immediate Bronze Donor for donor Zones and benefits Reward Tokens are worth 20m Tickets to 25m Tickets. Don’t forget to do trivia while grinding as it can get dry grinding for the tickets ::BOXBOSS (2m HP) (3 Boss Points) Drops includes: 1$ box , 2$ box , 3$ box , 4$ box , 5$ box , 6$ box , 7$ box , 8$ box , 9$ box , 10$ box Kill them using soul split and Turmoil also use overloads. (DMG BUFF) Aim to collect $ boxes from this boxes you can get items that you can sell for tickets this boss is fun to do and easy for tickets Gear: purple Torva Helm (2620 Tickets), purple Torva Body (2700 Tickets), purple Torva Legs (2600 Tickets), Christmas Boxing glove (4k Tickets),Light-Winged Boots (4200 Tickets) Grain (600 Tickets), white brutal whip (15k Tickets), Jugg Ring (1500 Tickets) and , icy katana offhand (100 Tickets) Whe hope this guide helps you out. if you need any help you can always ask staff or players in-game Enjoy Your Stay On Snowhd!
  8. Danne

    New big update

    - Ticketboss8 is completed Platinum+ ONLY - New HDGang torva added donor ONLY - Defender lvl 2-3 added - Revamped armor/stats/etc - New announcements added - Animation added to dual icy swords -Trivia popup timer extended - Dual icy swords are now 1-handed -Discord chatbox edited -Animations added to dual icy swords
  9. All armor dropped by 10x str bonus ticketboss hp is dropped by 2x and ticketboss defence is dropped by 20x All NPC hp is lowered More updates is coming
  10. Autoresponder email has been added also only autoresponds every hour
  11. UPDATES 27/1 2019 New icy emperor armor and weapons &off-hands & more TB7 drops now $1 scrolls, gold+ Remember every friday there is a custom give away by snow!
  12. puppyeyed

    Forums rank request

    could you please update my rank puppyeyed Diamond rank
  13. puppyeyed

    Discarded intro.

    hiya discarded nice to meet you see you in game soon
  14. puppyeyed

    Forums rank request

    Could i please get my rank> Puppyeyed Platinium Donator
  15. Danne

    Official Staff-Team

    Main Owner Snow Co-Owner Deadum Website dev Kush Forum-Manager Danne Administrator Remix (snow-os) Moderator Superswift (head mod/Forum helper) Helpers why Danne Arg skill Big bong hit Patent (trial helper) Guide makers Ethenia Why This will be updated!
  16. Danne

    Forums rank request

    --Request your donator rank here-- 1. Your username ingame 2. your donator rank 3. screenshot proof here --You have to follow this format to get your donator rank on this forums, Post in this thread---
  17. Discarded

    Discarded intro.

    hey guys my in game name is discarded and my real name is Jamie nice too meet all of you see you serverside.
  18. puppyeyed

    Superswift’s hello!!

    ok im here now welcome swift
  19. puppyeyed

    hi all

    I suppose i better introduce myself a little......... Well, i've been here for a while now and got to know a fair few of you players. Much love put out to the community and staff, Belly rubs and scritches to the rest
  20. Superswift

    Superswift’s hello!!

    Hello everyone, my name is superswift or swifty, i am head-moderator for snowHD. I play about 12hrs a day (if not more) I’m from England Welcome to you all please feel free to introduce yourselves <3
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